About Kay Daniels

Do you feel like a slave to your business – long hours, low profits, sleepless nights? My consultancy service was created for people like you, after years of helping clients with their financial strategy and coming across the same problems over and over again.

As a business owner myself, I have been through the difficult phase of growing a business profitably, as well as supporting many business owners through this tricky period and right out the other side, up to the point of sale.

I can troubleshoot your finance problems, help you visualise your goals, set targets, implement financial systems and processes. You will be able to run your business more profitably whilst having all the tools you need to hand. Once you can see things clearly, any problems will jump out at you so you can take quick action to get your business back on track. No more nasty surprises at year end, when it’s too late!

I’m here to get your finances in tip-top shape, mentor you to achieve your goals and enjoy running your business.

“At Archive Document Data Storage we cannot tell you how valuable it is having Kay Daniels as part of our team. She is a finance process wonder woman!

Kay came into our business at a time when we were a small business growing at a rapid rate and needed help not only organising our finances but also our processes and creating our finance department. She brought a breath of fresh air and organisation to the whole finance department structure. Implementing processes, management reporting and finance strategies in order to make us stars! She also helped recruit new Archive Document Data Storage finance team members in order to grow the department while keeping a sound structure and awesome processes in place.

Even though we have full systems and department in place we choose to still work with Kay to ensure we are on track to hit our targets and maximise our performance.

We would not be where we are today without Kay.”

Natasha Rawley, Archive Document Data Storage