Business finance transformation

Fed up with working long hours for little reward? Finances giving you a headache?
Let our business finance transformation package give you a boost!

Step 1

Getting to know you – I will listen to your problems, ask you lots of questions to find out as much as I can about you and your business, so I can fully understand your business and where you are right now.

Step 2

Are we a match? It’s really important for us to know if we are a good fit for each other before we go further. It’s your turn to ask questions now. If we’re a good match, we can get to work!

Step 3

Review of your current finances and systems. How is the business doing? What systems are in place for you to record and monitor the results? What are your personal and business goals? Do you know how you will get there?

Step 4

I will present my recommendations and a plan to move the business forwards. We will work together to set your forecasts. I will implement your new systems and processes.

Step 5

I’ll be at your side to guide you through a reporting cycle, making sure that your systems are robust and you are happy with your new tools to monitor your business performance.

Part-time FD Service

Ready to launch your business onto the next phase of its journey? Looking to exit the business?
I can help with my part-time FD service.

Online Course

Are you the owner of a start-up business? Do you need help with the accounts – not sure what you should be doing and when you need to do it?