Part-Time FD Service

Ready to launch your business onto the next phase of its journey? Looking to exit the business? I can help with my part-time FD service.

I work with business owners on a flexible basis – a part-time FD will ensure your business is on-track, maximising performance and achieving its goals, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time FD. I can work with you from 1-2 days a month, increasing my time in line with your business requirements.

Is your business heading for crisis? You may be able to avert this if you take timely action. I have the experience to be able to see the bigger picture whilst also drilling down to the detail of the problem in order to provide a solution.

Do you have plans in place to exit your business? Thinking of selling? Let me help. Your finances must be in great shape as you will be asked for an abundance of financial information. Are the results as good as they could be, in order to maximise value, or should you wait for another year before selling? In addition to the finances being in tip-top condition, you will also need full operating standards in place. Pulling all of this information together is very time-consuming and you will probably need outside help.

Strategy meetings are structured around you achieving your business goals. Goals and forecasts are developed/streamlined, with action points taken away to help you drive the business forwards. My job is to support you, make sure you have access to the relevant management information on which to base your decisions and help you achieve your goals. Accurate and timely management accounts show you where the business is now and highlight where you need to make changes in order to hit your targets.

Businesses need different cash requirements at various stages of the business cycle. I can help you to plan out your cash requirements to ensure your business maintains a positive cash position through tricky periods of growth, or in times of additional expense. This process will highlight potential future cash deficits, helping you plan to avoid this.

A big part of mentoring is about listening – to you, the events taking place in your business and the challenges you are facing. Sometimes, things can become overwhelming very quickly. Our meetings give you time away from working in the business to work on it, to drive your business forwards. I can be used as a sounding board for you to share ideas with in a safe environment. We can brainstorm ideas to come up with solutions for your problems. You may need help with creating systems and procedures for your business or a fresh pair of eyes on a problem. I will give you honest and constructive feedback.

Business Finance Transformation

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Are you the owner of a start-up business? Do you need help with the accounts – not sure what you should be doing and when you need to do it?